Rainwater Storage Bladders

Rainwater bladder storage tank

Pictured is a large, 100,000 gallon water bladder built to collect rainwater at a chicken farm in Alabama. The plan was to reduce the use of municipal water and reduce costs through the use of rainwater collection. 

According to the study by Auburn University’s National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC), “If they are using water from a municipal water system, a four-house farm has a water bill that could be as high as $22 thousand annually. That is a direct, out-of-pocket expense to growers.”

Fortunately, the plan worked, and the farmer was able to reduce water costs. To find out more about it, check out the article, “Rainwater Harvesting Could Revolutionize Poultry Industry”.

The water bladder was manufactured by Ready Containment with 4 eight-inch NPT flanges to allow for the flow into the bladder. We offer custom, flexible solutions to water, vapor, and fuel storage. Call Ready Containment at 941-739-9486 or email us.

Additionally, Ready Containment also manufactures large fuel and water bladders for the military and a variety of spill containment berms.

Rainwater Collection System

Installation of the large gutter, downspout, and leaf diverter is the first step in the collection of rainwater. Ask yourself how will I collect the rainwater


Eight-inch PVC piping is installed Below grade to carry the water from the chicken coop to the storage bladder.

100K Rainwater Bladder Tank

One hundred thousand gallon water bladder fenced off with a pump house to move water to the chicken coops.

Water Bladder Over Fill preventers

Each eight-inch lateral line is piped to overfill preventers before entering the water bladder.

Rainwater Collection

Water Bladder is installed downhill from the chicken coops to allow gravity to completely fill the bladders and not back up the downspouts.

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