Foam Wall Spill Berms

Ready Containment, LLC. manufactures a full line of Foam Wall Berms. These berms are used for spill containment, decontamination,  portable wash mat and more. Ready foam wall berms are built from one inch to two foot high. All our Foam Wall Berms are manufactured from Grade “A” fabric under our strict ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to insure a leak free containment.

car wash mat Foam Wall Berm Foam Wall Spill Berm
Portable Wash Mat Foam Wall Berm foam_wall_berm
Ready Foam Wall Spill Containment Berms have been used for spill containment, chemical mixing of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and more. They are also used as a car wash mat for trucks, cars, buses, boats, etc.. We also sell light weight compact versions that are used by fire, police, emergency responders and Haz-Mat departments to decontaminate personnel that respond to hazardous chemical situations. See or Technical Library for a listing of fabrics and fitting available to meet you spill or primary containment needsSpill Berm Gallery

Ready EZ Fold and Store Foam Wall Spill Containment Berm

Are compact foam wall spill containment berm. The Ready EZ Fold and Store Foam is Ideal for car, truck and equipment washing, drips catcher, spill containment and overspray includes enhanced features that cut storage space by more then 40% and speed deployment.

The walls on this spill containment berm utilizes a space age open cell foam that will not absorb liquid and will never get water logged. The  low profile foam wedges are designed so they can easily be driven over while providing 2″, 4″, 6″ or higher liquid containment.

The lightweight one-piece design berms require no assembly; can be deployed easily in a matter of minutes, and folds down to a compact size for easy storage and transport. The EZ Fold and Store Berm is provided using a variety of chemical and fuel resistant fabrics to suit your needs.  equivalents fabrics or reinforced vinyl that provide outstanding durability and exceptional resistance to fuels and many chemicals (please check for compatibility. Compatibility is up to end user). 2″ High Walls can be driven right over by forklifts and most dolly’s and carts. Ready Containment’s EZ Fold spill containment berm is available in many standard sizes. These berms are also provided in custom sizes and shapes and are excellent for spill containment and drip control.

FWB-30 oz.

PVC 22 oz. Part#

Dims ft. (m) Wall Height: 4 in. (102 mm)

Capacity gal. (L)

FWB-30 Weight lbs. (kg)

PVC 22 oz. Weight lbs. (kg)



4 x 6 (1.2 x 1.8)

59 (223)

27 (12.0)

21 (9.5)



8 x 8 (2.4 x 2.4)

159 (602)

45 (20.0)

40 (18.0)



10 x 10 (3.0 x 3.0)

249 (943)

61 (28.0)

51 (23.0)



10 x 20 (3.0 x 6.1)

498 (1,885)

101 (46.0)

83 (38.0)



10 x 30 (3.0 x 9.1)

748 (2,832)

137 (62.0)

118 (54.0)



10 x 40 (3.0 x 12.2)

997 (3,774)

177 (80.0)

150 (68.0)



10 x 50 (3.0 x 15.2)

1,246 (4,717)

217 (98.0)

182 (83.0)



12 x 12 (3.7 x 3.7)

359 (1,359)

82 (37.0)

63 (29.0)



12 x 16 (3.7 x 4.9)

478 (1,809)

97 (44.0)

74 (33.5)



12 x 20 (3.7 x 6.1)

598 (2,264)

116 (53.0)

88 (40.0)



12 x 30 (3.7 x 9.1)

897 (3,396)

159 (72.0)

120 (54.0)



12 x 35 (3.7 x 10.7)

1,047 (3,963)

184 (84.0)

138 (62.5)



12 x 40 (3.7 x 12.2)

1,196 (4,527)

203.0 (92.0)

152.0 (69.0)



12 x 50 (3.7 x 15.2)

1,496 (5,663)

249.0 (113.0)

187.0 (85.0)



12 x 60 (3.7 x 18.3)

1,795 (6,795)

293.0 (133.0)

219.0 (99.0)



12 x 72 (3.7 x 22.0)

2,154 (8,154)

348.0 (158.0)

260.0 (118.0)

If you don’t see the spill containment berm you need. Please give one of our spill containment experts to discuss your containment need.

A Ready Foam Wall Berm is an excellent choice for portable spill containment, car, truck, equipment washing and decontamination. Ready berms or containment pads are built with foam logs that carry our *Life-Time Warranty not to flatten or retain liquids. The foam log can easily be driven over in any direct or removed for low profile entry and exit of the berm.

Our Foam Wall Spill Containment Berms are built tough. We design them to take truck and fork lift traffic. Our foam wall berms utilize a open cell no memory foam that never retains liquids so our logs don’t get water logged when used outdoors. We offer sever style foam wall berms including removable foam, built in foam and our fast deploying EZ-Fold Foam wall berm model. Ready Containment builds many Foam Wall models that allow for quick deployment when a large area of coverage is needed. Typically build in height from one inch to 2 foot wall heights. EZ-Fold Spill Berms features quick deployment and a unique design that allows them to be easily folded and store compact. These features make them ideal for mobile spill response, Fire Departments and any one with space and storage issues. This style spill berm features a one piece design with no loose parts. Removable Foam Wall Spill containment berms are great for large areas containment’s. The liner folds up compact and allow the foam to be stacked on the same pallets. These foam wall spill containment berms can be made with wall heights from two inches up to 24 inches Compact Wedged Shaped Ready Foam Wall berm features wedge shape wall design save 50% of the storage area need for this berm. The Wedge Shaped Berm design is ideal for jobs on the go. Like First Responders, Car Detailer or anyone with storage or containment concerns. All foam wall spill containment berms can be driven in and out of the vehicles. The taller the foam wall berms are the more ground clearance that is needed. Foam wall spill containment berms are used for decontamination by fire departments, haz-mat team and the military. Uses also include vehicle washing, secondary containment of fuels and chemicals. Ready Foam Wall Berm can be used to contain almost anything.

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