Mobile Fuel Pumps for fuel bladders

The Custom series gives the end user all of the high volume capabilities of our 2” Blade Master® pump with the portability of a mobile unit.  Custom Series units feature our tried and tested 2000 Series pump head design mounted on a custom built 4 wheel cart.

2000 Mobile fuel pump

2000 Mobile fuel pump

Our mobile fuel pumps units feature four-wheeled, powder-coated frames with built in catch tanks and drip tubes to keep your work area as clean and hazard-free as possible. The Custom Series packages our proven engineering and customer focused design into a completely portable positive displacement transfer pump.  There is no other high volume mobile transfer pump that can perform as well as the Custom Series. The Custom Series is engineered to outperform and outlast any other positive displacement pump available. * Our patented dual impeller and wiper blade technologies generate greater suction than any other positive displacement pump, while reducing repair cost and increasing the ease of maintenance by focusing the wear of the pump head components on the wiper blades rather than the actual impeller.  This is also what gives the Blade Master line of pumps the ability to operate completely dry for more than 1000 hours without damaging the pump head or impellers, and causes only light wear on the wiper blades while moving product faster than other positive displacement pump designs. All Blade Master® pumps also feature a reversible full flow bypass, which allows the full circulation of product in the pump chamber when in bypass mode.  This means that the product circulating within the pump chamber while in bypass mode is not sheared or damaged.  Each bypass is built to customer specification for the bypass to activate at 25, 50, 75, or 100 PSI based on the application.  Blade Master® pumps are also self-priming. The new Gen II line of Blade Master® products features all of the same standard features as the Generation I pumps, but includes expanded capabilities and a completely redesigned pump head.  The Gen II is built around a new 3 lobe impeller, which reduces energy consumption, noise, and friction while increasing outflow.  In addition to the redesigned impeller, each lobe now functions with three wiper blades.  This allows the Gen II to produce 200% more suction and 30% more discharge than previous designs.  The redesigned Gen II pump head is also available with our new Permanent Magnet Motor technology, which together form one of the safest and most efficient positive displacement pumps available.

M2000 Series Fuel pumps are capable transferring fuel and other flammable liquids in and out of our Ready Fuel Bladders.

Standard Features of the 2000 Series Pump Include:

  • Self-Priming
  • Can operate completely dry
  • Continuous duty
  • Pump head, motor, and powder-coated two-wheel dolly are included and covered by our 2-year warranty
  • TEFC and explosion proof models available
  • Reversible full flow bypass protects product from shearing

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