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Truck Bed Water Bladders – Water Bladder


Truck Bed Water Bladders

Our Truck Bed Bladder Tanks can be built for hauling water, brine, and fuel in pickup trucks, dump trucks, trailers, and even railcar. Our tough, durable line of Baffled and Un-Baffled Truck Bed Water Bladders is designed to give years of service. They are ideal for job sites, camping, and agricultural use. These tanks are built with Heavy Duty fabrics to ensure you get a long-lasting, reliable tank that can be used to haul water, brine, juices, and other non-hazardous chemicals for various uses.

Quality flexible Water Storage!


Ready Truck Bed Water Bladder:

Key Features of the Ready Truck Bed Water Bladders:
  • The Bladders are Lightweight and can be installed or removed by one person
  • Customizable can be built in a variety of sizes and fitting options
  • Compact for storage
  • Provides quick and easy spill containment for fuel trucks, drums, IBCs, vehicles, frac tanks, and other large containers.
  • Also available in PVC, Urethane, and other highly chemical resistant fabrics

Truck Bed Water Bladder Uses:

  • Transport Drinking Water
  • Agriculture uses
  • Fire suppression
  • Liquid Deicer
  • Ballast
  •  Gray water and Blackwater uses.
  • NSF 61 Drinking Water approved fabrics available.

Water Transport | Agricultural Water | Fire suppression

Additional information

Weight N/A

4'x4x1' (SMALL), 6'x4'x1' (MEDIUM), 8'x4'x1' (LARGE)


Non-potable, Potable


Baffled, Un-baffled