Ready Containment, LLC. has completed it’s ISO 9001-2008 two day on site surveillance audit administered by Perry Johnson Registrar.

We are pleased to announce that the auditor had found no “Non-Conformances” and we are on our way to recertification.

I would like to thank our entire Ready staff and the folks at Qual-Tech, Inc.  for all the help throughout the years.  Kimberly, Ron and all the staff are great to work with and I would highly recommend them.

The Scope of certification is:

“Design Development & Manufacture of Flexible, Collapsible Storage Tanks for Fuels, Water, Other Liquids and Vapors, Spill Protection Berms, Liners, Air Inflatables, Tarpaulins, Flexible Shelters and Flotation Cells, Fuel and Water Distribution Systems.”

Scott Sagalow

Secondary Containment | Spill Berms | Water Bladders | Fuel Bladders