Fuel Bladders and Water Bladders

Military Fuel and Water Bladders

Built to a variety of military specifications, or your specifications, Ready Military Bladders are made using the most advanced fabrics, fittings, and manufacturing techniques on the market today. We produce both water and fuel bladders.

The Ready Fuel Bladder is built for storing ASTM Fuel A, Crude oil, Diesel oil, Jet-A, JP-8, JP-5, or gasoline. Our Bladders are built to meet or exceed the following military specifications: ATPD 2262, ATPD 2264, ATPD 2265, ATPD 2266, and PD53048. Our Berry Amendment Compliant fuel bladders and spill berms are available for our Department of Defense customers.

Additionally, our quality manufacturing techniques exceed current military specifications ranging from 3000 – 210,000-gallons. In addition to conventional military bladder tanks, we are always ready to help design custom solutions to support our troops. Call us at 941-739-9487 to discuss your containment needs.

Click below to download our Military Bladder Tank White Papers:

Ready-Military-Bladders.pdf      Cooley-Material-Spec.pdf     Cooley-Chemical-Resistant.pdf

Bladder Tanks Constructed with COOLTHANE TPU.

Coolthane is a mil-spec fabric that features both ester-based and ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membranes. These urethane coatings are highly resistant to fuels, chemicals, and water. This membrane is available on several high strength reinforcements able to provide superior tensile and puncture strength. That’s why we chose Cooley fabrics for our military Fuel bladder tanks and water bladder tanks.

These ester-based products consist of Cooley’s exclusive extrusion-laminated urethane coating on select substrates, producing highly resistant coated fabrics for fuels and chemicals. Additionally, the Coolthane fabric is extremely flexible and highly puncture-resistant, with excellent heat-sealing characteristics. Coolthane products are durable and hydrolytically stable for years of service in outdoor fuel containment applications.

Ready Military Bladder tanks or Blivets are available to meet the following mil specifications:

PD-52983 MIL-T-52983F | MIL-PRF-32233 ATPD-2344 PD-53048 | ATPD-2266 ATPD-2265 MIL-PRF-53068A

3000 Gallon Military Fuel Bladders | 10,000 Gallon Military Fuel Bladders | 20,000 Gallon Military Fuel Bladders | 50,0000 Gallon Military Fuel Bladders | 210,000 Gallon Military Fuel Bladders

Military Water Bladders in 3000, 10,000 Gallon, 20,000 Gallon, and 50,0000 Gallon sizes.

Furthermore, Coolthane membranes are a combination of high strength Nylon fabrics, specially developed ester-based urethane extrusion combined with a proprietary manufacturing process. In addition to its high fuel resistance, the membranes exhibit very high physical performance — these characteristics in the ‘Physical Properties’ datasheets for the respective products. The reinforcing fabrics are selected to provide individual products with superior physical performance to meet the engineer’s real needs and the installation. Our Military Fuel Bladders and Military Water Bladders are second to none.

Military Bladder tanks include anodized aluminum fittings that are permanently bonded to the skin, as follows:

In addition to the below bladder tank configuration, we can add fittings or increase the fitting sizes to meet your needs.

Bonded Fittings 3,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 210,000
Filler/discharge assembly 4 in 2 2 2 2
Filler/discharge assembly 6 in 2
Vent Fitting Assembly, 2 in 1 1 1 1 1
Drain Fitting Assembly, 2 in 2 2 2 2 4

Packed with the bladder tanks are the following quick disconnect fittings & accessories:

Quick Disconnect Fittings & Accessories Quantity per tank
3,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 210,000
Drain Hose, MX F, 2in x 8 ft 2 2 2 2 4
Drain Valve Assembly, M X F, 2 in 2 2 2 2 4
Filler/Discharge Hose Assembly, M X F,4inx10ft 1 1 1 1
Filler/Discharge Valve Assembly, M X F, 4 in 1 1 1 1
Filler/Discharge Hose Assembly, M X F,6inx10ft 2
Filler/Discharge Valve Assembly, M X F, 6in 2
Repair Kit, ATPD-2263, Type I 1 1
Repair Kit, ATPD-2263, Type II 1 1 1
Set of Replacement 0-Rings, gaskets & fasteners 1
90 Degree Elbow, M X F, 4 in 1 1 1 1
90 Degree Elbow, F X F, 4 in 1 1 1 1
90 Degree Elbow, M X F, 6 in 1
90 Degree Elbow, M X M, 6 in 1
Flame Arrestor with Pressure Relief Cap, 2 in  (fuel tanks) 1 1 1 1 1
Pressure Relief Cap (Mushroom type), 2 in    (water tanks) 1 1 1 1 1

Berm Liners & Ground Cloths:

Berm Liners and ground cloths for secondary containment are available for deployment with fuel tanks and water tanks respectively. Sizes are as follows:

Description For use with Tank Capacity Ground Cloth Dimensions Berm Liner Dimensions
Size I 3,000 gallons 16 ft x 16 ft 37 ft x 37 ft
Size II 10,000 gallons 25 ft x 25 ft 52.5 ft x 52.5 ft
Size III 20,000 gallons 30 ft x 30 ft 59 ft x 59 ft
Size IV 50,000 gallons 26 ft x 68 ft 100 ft x 59 ft
Size V 210,000 gallons 70 ft x 70 ft 108 ft x 108 ft

We pressure tests each bladder tank before shipping, to meet the Mil-Spec and our quality standards.

Capacity U.S. Gallons Dimensions unfolded Dimensions, Crate Tank Weight Empty Crated Weight
3,000  gallons bladder tank 14 ft x 14 ft 85in x 60in x 31.5in 346 lbs 634 lbs
10,000 gallons bladder tank 22 ft x 22 ft 85in x 60in x 31.5in 533 lbs 857 lbs
20,000 gallons bladder tank 24 ft x 28 ft 85in x 60in x 31.5in 656 lbs 910 lbs
50,000 gallons bladder tank 24ft x 67 ft 96in x 60in x 31.75in 1,255 lbs 1,806 lbs
210,000 gallons bladder tank 70 ft x 70 ft 114.25in x 80in x 43.75in 5,000 lbs 5,700 lbs

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