Bladder Tanks for Shipping Containers:

Bladder tank for shipping container

Ready Bladder Tank installed in 40 foot shipping Container.

Ready Bladder Tanks for Shipping Containers

The combination of a shipping container and our flexible bladder tank equals a great storage tank. Ready Containment can turn a standard 20 foot or 40 foot ISO shipping container into a liquid or low-pressure gas storage vessel. Furthermore, our highly skilled fabrication crew can handle everything from just building a bladder tank to our client’s spec and shipping the bladder, folded and crated, to the customer to install or complete turn-key installation bladder and modification of the container. 

Ready Containment, LLC. Used what is referred to as a one-trip container, which is the closest thing to a new shipping container. The container was modified by cutting openings for flanges and vents. Flange plates were then fabricated to mate with the bladder tank. We then insulated the shipping container per the client’s request. The bladder tank was built, installed, and pressure tested. These tanks are a great alternative to our Military Fuel and Water Bladders.

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We can handle your container modification from start to finish. Call us to see how we can use one of our bladder tanks to solve your liquid or vapor storage needs.

Shipping Container fo Bladder

40 Foot ISO Shipping Container. Prior to bladder tank being installed

Shipping Container cut open to install flange

Opening cut for flanges to be installed

Fabrication of flange for shipping container

Fabrication of the flange plate

welding shipping container

Flange plate is welded to attached to the bulkhead

ISO shipping container

Flange Plate is then painted to match container

Roof Vent in ISO Container

Top Plate for venting Bladder Tank

Bladder is laid out in container

Contaoner modification

A flat surface is created to seal the tank flanges.

Bladder Tank is then inflated in the container for installation

Flanges on the bladder can be installed to meet your needs.

The bladder is installed and pressure tested

Fuel Bladder for 20 foot container

Key Features and Benefits of a Ready Bladder tank for shipping containers:

  • Secure storage of liquids such as water and fuels
  • Saves space compared to pillow tanks
  • Rapid deployment
  • Secondary containment liner available
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Bladder tank are available in PVC, urethane, and other highly chemical resistant fabrics

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